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Originally published by the Institute of Medieval Music; now distributed by AIM:

Moorefield, An Introduction to Galliculus


Sample Pages

MS 18  Arthur Albert Moorefield, An Introduction to Johannes Galliculus.

     148 pp.  26 cm

MS 18  978-0-91202-488-2  $50.00

An Introduction to Johannes Galliculus (active 1520-75). A study of the composer and his music.

  I. The Cultur Milieu and the Nacent Lutheran Liturgies  3
  II. Johannes Hähnel (Galliculus), a Biographical Sketch  37
  III. Liturgical Works  71
     Masses 71
     Magnificats  97
  IV The Motets 111
     The Motet Passion  113
     Evangelium Motets 127
     Miscellaneous Motets  139

  I. Beginning of the Bass Voice of Pars IIIa of the Easter Prosa by Heinrich Finck  45
  II. Magnificat toni quarti, Roman and German formulae after Illing  100
  III. Magnlficat toni quinti after the Galliculus Setting  109
  IV. Passion Tones after Lossius  116
  V. Extract from Pars IIIa of Longaval's Motet Passion Compared with Galliculus' setting  125
  I.-III. Lucas Lossius, Psalmodia, hoc est, cantica sacra veteris ecclesiae…, 1561, fol. 1r/v, 2r  44


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