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the publications of the institute are wide-ranging and comprise scholarly editions, books, and treatises. the scholarly editions include the complete works of major composers who lived up until the seventeenth century, composers such as machaut, la rue, dufay (du fay), willaert, clemens, rore, compère, crecquillon, romero, and others. (see cmm for sacred and secular polyphonic music and cekm for keyboard music). significant research findings resulting from the edition-making efforts are published in the series msd. published treatises include the works of influential writers from guido of arezzo to jean philippe rameau. (see csm and misc). significant collections of papers appear in misc. reference works are published in the series rms. the institute is continually accepting new book and edition proposals. brief citation of our newest publications can be found here.

from 2016 the institute also distributes the early publications of the institute of medieval music (imm), including publications in the series publications of medieval music manuscripts (pmmm), collected works (cw), music theorists in translation (mtt), and musicological studies (ms).

our publications are now distributed in the usa through an arrangement with:

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