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Selected New Titles from AIM

Gaspar van Weerbeke, Collected Works. Edited by Gerhard Croll, Eric F. Fiedler, Andrea Lindmayr-Brandl, Agnese Pavanello, and Paul Kolb.
   Vol. I. Masses, Part 1
CMM 106-1    978-1-59551-515-5    xcviii+156 pp.    (2016)     $159.00

David Fallows, The Songs of GUILLAUME DUFAY: Critical Commentary to the Revision of Corpus Mensurabilis Musicae, ser. I, vol. 6.
       MSD 47 NEW Paperbound edition.  xiii+276 pp.  27 cm  (2016)   $65.00

Musica Disciplina, vol. 59 (2014)
     MD 59 MD Vol. LIX 2014.  ISSN: 0077-2461-59    296 pp.  (2016)   $80.00

Alessandro Grandi, Opera Omnia. Edited by Jeffrey Kurtzman, with Dennis Collins, Robert Kendrick, Steven Saunders, and John Whenham.
   Vol. 5. Il quatro libro de motetti a due, tre, quattro, et sette voci (1616),
edited by Dennis Collins and Robert Kendrick.
     CMM 112-5    978-1-59551-513-1    1st ed.    lvii+ 71 pp.     (2015)      $129.00
           Contents and sample pages (PDF)

Qui musicam in se habet: Studies in Honor of Alejandro Enrique Planchart. Edited by Anna Zayaruznaya, Bonnie J. Blackburn, & Stanley Boorman
          MISC 9    ISBN 978-1-59551-514-8 (2015)  xxiv + 854 pp.    $130.00

Musica Disciplina, Vol. 58 (2013)
    MD 58    Musica Disciplina, Vol. LVIII 2013.    ISSN: 0077-2461-58    456 pp.    (2013)    $80.00

Jean Mouton (ca. 1459-1522), Opera omnia. Edited by Andrew C. Minor and Thomas G. MacCracken. Vol.V Missa Sine nomine I & II, Credo a 4, Magnificat et Cantiones.
CMM 43-5    978-1-59551-511-7    1st ed.    ccxxxii+281 pp.    (2014)    $199.00
     Contents and sample pages (PDF)

Hieronymus Praetorius, Collected Vocal Works. Edited by Frederick K. Gable.
Vol. 3: Opus musicum III: Six Masses.
CMM 110-3      978-1-59551-510-0    1st ed.    li + 436 pp.       (2014)    $219.00
     Contents and sample pages (PDF)

Claudin de Sermisy (ca. 1490-1562), Opera omnia. Edited by Gaston Allaire and Isabelle Cazeaux, complete in 7 volumes. Vol. VII: 28 Motets Published by Attaingnant in 1542
CMM 52-7    978-1-59551-508-7    1st ed.    xliv+208 pp.    (2014)    $139.00
     Contents and sample pages (PDF)

Jacquet de Mantua (Jachet de Mantua) (1483-1559), Opera omnia. Edited by Philip T. Jackson and George Nugent, complete in 7 volumes. Vol.VII Motets for 3, 6, 7, & 8 Voices.
CMM 54-7    978-1-59551-507-0    1st ed.    xl + 111 pp.      (2013)    $85.00
    Contents and sample pages (PDF)