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Originally published by the Institute of Medieval Music; now distributed by AIM:

Falck, Notre Dame Conductus


Sample Pages

MS 33 Robert Falck, The Notre Dame Conductus: A Study of the Repertory.

      iii+260 pp.  25 cm

  Bound copy temporarily out of stock.
Unbound 8.5x11(A4) offprint available.

MS 33–POD   $52.00

The Notre Dame Conductus: A Study of the Repertory. By Robert Falck.

  Chapter I.
    The Conductus Repertory  1
  Chapter II.
    The Three-Part Repertory  10
    The Unique and Peripheral Repertory  13
    The Central Repertory—F-5 and W1  33
  Chapter III.
    The Two-Part Repertory  67
    The Unique and Peripheral Repertory—F-7  72
    The English Repertory—W1 and F-7  89
    The Central Repertory  96
  Chapter IV.
    The M0nophonic Repertory  103
    The Unique and Peripheral Repertory  105
    Philippe the Chancellor—F-10, LoB and Praha  110
    F-10 and Da  115
    The Central Repertory  119
    The Rondellus  123
  Bibliography  130
    Introduction  138
    List of Sources  140
    Tables  153
    Individual Compositions  178


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