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Originally published by the Institute of Medieval Music; now distributed by AIM:

Korf, Orchestral Music of Gottschalk


Sample Pages

MS 37 William E. Korf, The Orchestral Music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-69).

      iii+162 pp.  24 cm

MS 37  978-0-93190-216-1  $49.00

The Orchestral Music of Louis Moreau Gottschalk (1829-69) by William E. Korf. Analysis and commentary with musical examples.

  Table of Examples  1

  Chapter I.
  A Survey of Musical Life in the United States in the Mid-Nineteenth Century  6
    Introduction  6
      Concert Life  7
   Performing Groups (Fine Art Music)  7
   Performing Groups (Popular Music)  10
   Performers (Soloists)  10
      American Composers  15
      European Influences  18
      Musical Journals  21

  Chapter II.
  Biographical Sketch 25
  Ancestry and Early Years in New Orléans, 1829-1842  25
  Study and First Success in Europe  27
  The United States, 1853-1856  29
  The Antilles, 1857-1862  33
  The United States, 1862-1865  43
  South America, 1865-1869  49

  Chapter III.
  A Stylistic Analysis of Gottschalk's Orchestral Music 59
     Introduction  59
     La Nuit des tropiques  60
      First movement, Andante  67
      Second movement, Allegro moderato  79
     Escenas campestres  87
     Marcha triunfal y final de opera  105
     Tarantella  116
     Marche solennelle  125
     Montevideo Symphony  135
     Variations de concert sur l’hymne portugais  144

  Summary and Conclusions  148
  Bibliography  153



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