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contents and sample pages (pdf)

make money on amazon reddit  johannes wylde, musica manualis cum tonale.

edited by cecily sweeney.

        1st. ed.     1982
    28 cm     206 pp.

csm 28   978-1-59551-472-1   $83.00

list of diagrams   8
list of plates   8
introduction   9
works cited   13
the manuscripts   16
list of chants   31
the treatise: quia iuxta sapientissimum salomonem
  praefatio   43
  capitula   44
  prologus super musicam guidonis   48
  de manu   55
  part i. musica manualis   56
  cap. 22. cantus de mutationibus   83
  part ii. tonale   89
  cap. 10. ter terni sunt modi   106

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