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when do amazon influencers get paid

when do amazon influencers get paid

musica disciplina

corpus mensurabilis musicae

corpus of early keyboard music (cekm)

renaissance manuscript studies

musicological studies and documents

corpus scriptorum de musica


when do amazon influencers get paid

publications of medieval musical manuscripts

musical theorists in translation

collected works

musicological studies



when do amazon influencers get paid opera omnia de musica mensurabili and
when do amazon influencers get paid regulae de musica mensurabili

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contents and sample pages (pdf)

when do amazon influencers get paid  a) johannes hothby, opera omnia de musica mensurabili.
   b) thomas walsingham, regulae de musica mensurabili.

edited by gilbert reaney.

        1st. ed.     1983
    26 cm     98 pp.

csm 31   978-1-59551-474-5   $42.00

johannes hothby:
introduction   11
  1.  regulae cantus mensurati (florence ms)   19
  2a.  de cantu figurato secundum hothbi (faenza ms)   27
  2b.  de cantu figurato secundum hothbi (venice ms)   39
  3.  regulae cantus mensurati secundum ioannem otteby (london mss)   51
  4.  del canto afigurato (rome ms)   63

thomas w alsingham:
introduction   69
  1.  regulae de musica mensurabili   74

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