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how to make money on amazon fbm

how to make money on amazon fbm

musica disciplina

corpus mensurabilis musicae

corpus of early keyboard music (cekm)

renaissance manuscript studies

musicological studies and documents

corpus scriptorum de musica


how to make money on amazon fbm

publications of medieval musical manuscripts

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musicological studies



how to make money on amazon fbm tractatus et compendium cantus figurati

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contents and sample pages (pdf)

how to make money on amazon fbm  anonymous, tractatus et compendium cantus figurati (mss. london, british libr., add. 34200; regensburg, proskesche musikbibl., 98 th. 4°).

edited by jill m. palmer.

        1st. ed.     1990
     103 pp.
bound copy temporarily out of stock.
unbound 8.5x11(a4) offprint available.

csm 35–pod   $17.00

preface   9
acknowledgements   12
abbreviations, apparatus criticus, sigla codicum   13
i .  the place of coussemaker's anonymous xii in the history of music theory   15
ii.  the manuscript sources of anonymous xii   19
(l) london, british library, add. 34200   19
coussemaker's edition and the schubiger copy   22
(r) regensburg, bischofliche zentralbibliothek, proskesche musikbibliothek, ms 98 th. 40   24
a comparison of the contents of the three sources   24
the physical features and palaeography of l.   31
the paleography of r.   35
anonymous, tractatus cantus figurati   41
compendium cantus figurati (discantus scholia)   83
selected bibliography   95
index nominum, rerum et verborum   99

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