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Sample Pages

Musica Disciplina Vol. LII 1998-2002.

MD 52   ISSN: 0077-2461-52
288 pp.   (2003)    $60.00


HAINES, John. “The Transformations of the Manuscrit du Roi.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):5

REANEY, Gilbert. “New Additions to Hothby’s Counterpoint Treatises and Theory.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):45

GISSEL, Siegfried. “Die Tonarten Ionicus Connexus in der Motetten-sammlung ‘Opus Melicum’ von Friedrich Weißensee.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):57

JOSEPHSON, Nors S. “Interrelationship Between the London Street Cry Settings.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):139

SLIM, H. Colin. “On Panassus with Maarten van Heemskerck: Instrumentaria and Musical Repertoires in Three Paintings in the U.S.A. Part II.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):181

BRADSHAW, Murray C. “Salvation, Right Thinking, and Cavalieri’s Rappresentatione di anima, et di corpo (1600).” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):233

CHARTERIS, Richard. “Music by Giovanni Gabrieli and his Contemporaries: Rediscovered Sources in the Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek, Hamburg.” Musica Disciplina 52 (1998-2002):251



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