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musica disciplina vol. liii 2003-2008.

md 53   issn: 0077-2461-53
144 pp.   (2009)    $36.00




ranzini, paul l. “editorial note.” musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):4

d'accone, frank. “in memoriam gilbert reaney.”musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):5

jackson, roland. “guillaume de machaut and dissonance in fourteenth century french music.” musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):7

van deusen, nancy. “in and out of a latin forest: the timaeus latinus, its concept of silva, and music as a discipline in the middle ages.”musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):51

josephson, nors s. “many roads lead to rome: multifarious stylistic tendencies and their musical interrelationships within the ars subtilior.musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):71

huck, oliver. “the music of the angels in fourteenth- and early fifteenth-century music.” musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):99

ciliberti, galliano. “protest music a perugia nel xvi secolo: gli scritti musicali di raffaello sozi (1529-89).” musica disciplina 53 (2003-2008):121

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