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musica disciplina vol. lvii 2012.

md 57   
issn: 0077-2461-57
isbn: 978-1-59551-538-4
192 pp.   (2013)    $70.00

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gampel, alan. “papyrological evidence of musical notation from the 6th to the 8th centuries.” musica disciplina 57 (2012):5

nardini, luisa. “‘god is witness’: dictation and the copying of chants in medieval monasteries.” musica disciplina 57 (2012):51

desmond, karen. “texts in play: the ars nova and its hypertexts.” musica disciplina 57 (2012):81

d'alvarenga, joão pedro. “a neglected anonymous requiem mass of the early sixteenth century and its possible context.” musica disciplina 57 (2012):155

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