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musica disciplina vol. lix 2014.

md 59   
issn: 0077-2461-59
isbn: 978-1-59551-540-7
296 pp.  (2016)   $80.00

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bosi, carlo. “gentils gallans de france: the vicissitudes of a french war song between brittany and rome.” musica disciplina 59 (2014):7

mann, joseph arthur. “‘both schollers and practicioners’: the pedagogy of ethical scholarship and music in thomas morley's plaine and easie introduction to practicall musicke.musica disciplina 59 (2014):53

sabaino, daniele and marco mangani. "tonal space organization in josquin's late motets." musica disciplina 59 (2014):93

smith, anne. “jesuit imagery, rhetoric, and victoria's senex puerum portabat.” musica disciplina 59 (2014):127

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