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x team reviews

x team reviews

musica disciplina

corpus mensurabilis musicae

corpus of early keyboard music (cekm)

renaissance manuscript studies

musicological studies and documents

corpus scriptorum de musica


x team reviews

publications of medieval musical manuscripts

musical theorists in translation

collected works

musicological studies



keyboard music of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries

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contents and sample pages (pdf) reprint edition.

contents and sample pages (pdf) 1998 edition.

x team reviews  keyboard music of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

edited by willi apel.

        reprint edition.     2018
    8.5" x 11"     xv+54 pp.

cekm 1   978-1-59551-521-6  $44.00

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x team reviews
foreword xi
commentary xi
a. london, british museum, add. 28550
 1. conclusion of an estampie 3
 2. estampie 3
 3. retrové—estampie 4
 4. adesto—intabulation of a motet 5
 5. tribum quem—intabulation of a motet 8
 6. flos vernalis 11
b. oxford, bodleian library, douce ms 381
 7. felix namque 12
c. vienna, nationalbibliothek, codex 3617
 8. kyrie 12
d. breslau, staatsbibliothek, i qu 438
 9. gloria 13
e. breslau, staatsbibliothek, i qu 42
10. a fragment from the dominican monastery 14
11. incipit fundamentum bonum p[edaliter] in c d a 15
f. munich, staatsbibliothek, codex latein 7755
12. a composition based on a german song 16
g. munich, staatsbibliothek, codex latein 5963
13. item magnificat 8vi toni quatuor notarum 17
h. berlin, staatsbibliothek, theol. latein quarto 290
14. wol up ghesellen yst an der tyet iv notarum 17
15. summum sanctus 18
16. f(r?)ysicum 19
17. patrem 19
18. [sine nomine] 20
i. breslau, staatsbibliothek, if 687
19. incipit bo(nus tenor) leohardi 20
20. incipit tenor bonus (?) iii. petri (?) 21
21. clausulae 22
22. sequitur nunc tenor bonus trium notarum videlicet
der winter der wil weychen 23
23. sequitur tenor generis maioris mit ganczem willen 24
k. hamburg, staatsbibliothek, nd vi 3225
24. ascensus and descensus 24
25. ornamenting formulae divided into chapters 24
26. magnificat primi toni 25
27. magnificat octavi toni 25
28. sequitur fundamentum bonum et utile pro cantu chorali valens
videlicet octo notarum wolfgangi de nova domo 26
29. incipit fundamentum sub secunda mensura minoris prolacionis 27
30. preambulum super g 27
31. sequitur tenor bonus duarum mensurarum vz. sub secunda
mensura brevis (?) prolationis 28
32. [sine nomine] 29
l. tablature of adam ileborgh, 1448
33. sequitur praeambulum in c et potest variari in d f g a 30
34. praeambulum bonum super c manualiter et variatur ad omnes 30
35. praeambulum bonum pedale seu manuale in d 30
36. praeambulum super d a f et g 30
37. sequitur aliud praeambulum super d manualiter et variatur
super a g f et c 31
38. mensura trium notarum supra tenorem frowe al myn hoffen
an dyr lyed 31
39. mensura duorum notarum eiusdem tenoris 32
40. sequitur mensura sex notarum eiusdem tenoris 32
m. berlin, staatsbibliothek, ms. 40613 (formerly wernigerode, codex zb. 14)
41. fundamentum organisandi magistri conradi paumanns ceci de
nürenberga anno 1452 34
41a. [sine nomine] 42
42. magnificat sexti toni 43
43. en avois 43
44. wach auff mein hort der leucht dorther 44
45. mit ganczem willen wünsch ich dir 44
46. o cle[mens] 45
47. des klaffers neyden 45
48. ellend du hast 46
49. sequitur tenor benedicite almechtiger got 47
50. domit ein gut jare 48
51. tenor mein hercz in hohen freuden ist per me georg de putenheim 49
52. c[on] l[agreme] 50
53. wilhelmus legrant 51
54. paumgartner 52
55. praeambulum super f 52
56. praeambulum super fa 53
57. praeambulum super re 53
n. erlangen, universitätsbibliothek, ms. 554 (now 729?)
58. prelude 53
59. prelude 54
60. prelude 54
61. [fragments] 54

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