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musical theorists in translation

collected works

musicological studies



keyboard dances from the earlier sixteenth century.

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contents and sample pages (pdf) reprint ed.

contents and sample pages (pdf) 1st ed.

if i paid for a year of prime amazon and cancel it with a couple months left do i get refund  keyboard dances from the earlier sixteenth century.

edited by daniel heartz.

        reprint 1st. ed.     2019
    8.5" x 11"     xiii + 59 pp.

cekm 8   978-1-59551-527-8  $32.00

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if i paid for a year of prime amazon and cancel it with a couple months left do i get refund
introduction ix
on the transcriptions xiv
literature xvi


quatorze gaillardes, 1531
 1. pavane 3
 1a. gaillarde sur la pavane 5
 2. gaillarde 6
 3. gaillarde 7
 4. branle commun 8
 5. branle gay [de poitou] 9
 6. gaillarde [on the passemezzo antico] 10
 7. basse dance [saint roch] 12
 8. basse dance 13
 9. branle 14
10. gaillarde 15
11. pavenne 16
11a. gaillarde 17
12. branle [simple] 19
13. branle 19
14. branle [simple] 20
15. gaillarde 21
16. branle [double] 22
17. gaillarde 22
18. pavane 23
19. gaillarde 24
20. gaillarde 25
21. pavane [bel fiore] 26
21a. gaillarde 28
22. gaillarde 29
23. pavane 29
24. gaillarde 31
25. gaillarde 32
26. pavane 33
27. pavane 35
28. gaillarde 37

23bis. gaillarde 38

intabolatura nova, 1551
 1. pass’e mezo nuovo 39
 2. pass’e mezo nuovo segondo 40
 3. pass’e mezo nuovo [terzoj 40
 4. cathacchio gagliarda 41
 5. l’herba fresca gagliarda 42
 6. gamba gagliarda 44
 7. le forze d’hercole 45
 8. tu te parti gagliarda 45
 9. a la o 46
10. lodesana gagliarda 47
11. meza notte gagliarda 48
12. fusi pavana piana 49
13. la vien dal porto gagliarda 50
14. pass’e mezo antico primo 51
15. pass’e mezo antico secondo 52
16. pass’e mezo antico terzo 53
17. moneghina gagliarda 54
18. la canella gagliarda 55
19. venetiana gagliarda 56
20. saltarello del re 57
21. el poverin gagliarda 57
22. gonella gagliarda 58
23. fantina gagliarda 59
24. comadrina gagliarda 60
25. fornerina gagliarda 61

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