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Carolus Luython, Collected Works


CAROLUS LUYTHON (1557/58–1620), Collected Works, edited by Carmelo Peter Comberiati and Nicholas Johnson.

CMM113-01 Cover

Contents and sample pages (PDF)

CMM 113, Vol. 1, Liber primus Missarum.

Edited by Carmelo Peter Comberiati and Nicholas Johnson.

CMM 113–1     978-1-59551-517-9
lv + 264 pp.   35 cm        $30.00

Acknowledgements   viii
Abbreviations   ix
Literature   x

Luython's Career in the Context of the Imperial Court (Comberiati)   xv
   Biographical Background   xv
   The Liber primus Missarum of 1609   xv
   The Dedication Mass   xix
   Parody Masses Modeled on Works by Philippe de Monte   xxi
   The Quodlibet Masses   xxvi
Imperial Music in the Context of Intellectual History (Johnson)   xxviii
   Hermetic Philosophy and Luython at the Court of Rudolf II   xxviii
   Hermeticism and Music in Rudolf's Prague   xxviii
   Hermeticism and Luython   xxxiii
Editorial Methods   xxxix
Critical Commentary   xl
Plates   xlv

Carolus Luython, Masses from the Primus liber Missarum and Their Models
1. Missa Septem Vocum, super Basim: Caesar vive   3
2. Missa Sex Vocum, super Filiae Hierusalem   36
      Filiae Jerusalem, nolite flere, Philippe de Monte   67
3.   Missa Sex Vocum, super Amorosi pensieri   72
      Amorosi pensieri, Philippe de Monte   103
4.   Missa Quodlibetica Sex Vocum   108
5.   Missa Quinque Vocum, super Ne timeas, Maria   145
      Ne timeas, Maria, Philippe de Monte   170
6.   Missa Quinque Vocum, super Tirsi morir volea   178
      Tirsi morir volea, Philippe de Monte   199
7.   Missa Quodlibetica Quatour Vocum   206
8.   Missa Quodlibetica Quatour Vocum, ad aequales   228
9.   Missa Quodlibetica Trium Vocum   247



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