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Firminus Caron, Complete Works


FIRMINUS CARON (active 2nd half Fifteenth Century), Complete Works, edited by Murray Steib and Sean Gallagher.

CMM 114-1 Cover

Contents and sample pages (PDF)

CMM 114, Vol. 1, Masses.

Edited by Murray Steib and Sean Gallagher.

        1st. ed.     2019
    36 cm     xlv + 215 pp.

CMM 114–1   978-1-59551-536-0   $152.00

Volume update (PDF)

Firminus Caron was one of the most important composers in the interstitial period between the generation of Ockeghem and that of Josquin and his contemporaries. He was active from the early 1460s through the mid 1470s. In 1473, Tinctoris referred to him as one of “the most outstanding of all composers I have heard,” and he is also mentioned in the text of Loyset Compère’s composer-motet, “Omnium bonorum plena,” which likely also dates from the early 1470s. Although Caron worked in northern Europe, his masses exist only in Italian sources; this is explained by the complete lack of French mass manuscripts from the fifteenth century. His Missa L’homme armé is among the earliest in that tradition.

Volume 1 of this edition includes all five of Caron’s masses plus the Missa Thomas Cecus, which has been attributed to Caron by Christopher Reynolds. A full assessment of his music and its importance in the history of the mass has not been possible before now because of the lack of an accessible edition.

 Acknowledgements  ix
 Abbreviations  x
 Bibliography  xi
 Introduction  xv
 Editorial Principles  xx
 Sources  xxi
 Critical Commentary  xxiii
 Masses Securely Attributed to Caron
  1.  Missa Accueilly m’a la belle 3
  2.  Missa Clemens et benigna 44
  3.  Missa Jesus autem transiens 76
  4.  Missa L’homme armé 109
  5.  Missa Sanguis sanctorum 144
Mass Attributed to Caron by Modern Scholars
  6.  Missa Thomas cesus 175



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