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Originally published by the Institute of Medieval Music; now distributed by AIM:

Levarie, Fundamentals of Harmony


Sample Pages

MS 5 Siegmund Levarie, Fundamentals of Harmony.

      xiii+145 pp.  22 cm

MS 5  978-0-91202-475-2  $34.00

Fundamentals of Harmony by Siegmund Levarie. An introductory textbook on harmony.

  I General premises
  Ch. 1 Chord Structure
  Ch. 2 Chord Progression
  II The Major Mode
  Ch. 3 Tonic, Subdominant, and Dominant
  Ch. 4 Inversions of T, S, and D
  Ch. 5 Tonic Relative, Subdominant Relative, and Dominant Relative
  Ch. 6 Inversions of Tr, Sr, and Dr
  Ch. 7 The Dominant Seventh Chord
  Ch. 8 Other Seventh Chords
  Ch. 9 Inversions of Seventh Chords
  Ch. 10 The Diminished Triad
  Ch. 11 Added Sixth
  Ch. 12 Secondary Dominants
  III The Minor Mode
  Ch. 13 Basic Chords of the Natural Minor
  Ch. 14 Seventh Chords, Including Inversions and Added Sixth
  Ch. 15 Harmonic and Melodic Minor
  Ch. 16 The Diminished Triad
  IV. Ninth, Eleventh, and Thirteenth Chords
  Ch. 17 The Dominant ninth Chord
  Ch. 18 Other Ninth Chords
  Ch. 19 The Diminished Seventh Chord
  Ch. 20 Four Spellings of the Diminshed Seventh Chord
  Ch. 21 The Three Different Diminished Seventh Chords
  Ch. 22 Eleventh and Thirteenth Chords
  V. Altered Chords
  Ch. 23 Alterations of the Major Triad. The Augmented Triad
  Ch. 24 Alterations of the Minor Triad. The Neapolitan Sixth Chord.
  Ch. 25 Alterations of the Dominant Seventh Chord. The French and Italian Sixth Chords
  Ch. 26 Alterations of the Dominant ninth Chord. The German Sixth Chord
  VI. Modulation
  Ch. 27 General considerations
  Ch. 28 Cadential Modulation Upward Not Farther Than Five Keys
  Ch. 29 Cadential Modulation Upward Farther Than Five Keys
  Ch. 30 Cadential Modulation Downward not Farther than Five Keys
  Ch. 31 Cadential Modulation Downward Farther than Five Keys
  Ch. 32 Chromatic Modulation
  Ch. 33 Enharmonic Modulation
  VII. Harmonic Analysis
  Ch. 34 Simple Chorale
  Ch. 35 Free Settings
  VIII. Realization of Figured Bass
  Ch. 36 Realization of Figured Bass



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