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Originally published by the Institute of Medieval Music; now distributed by AIM:

Crane, Materials for Study of 15th-Century Basse Danse


Sample Pages

MS 16  Frederick Crane, Materials for the Study of the Fifteenth Century Basse Danse.

      [iv]+131 pp.  25 cm

MS 16  978-0-91202-486-8  $45.00

Materials for the Study of the Fifteenth Century Basse Danse. A study of the repertoire.

  I. Introduction   1
  II. The Sources  3
  III. Editorial Procedures  31
    Texts 31
    Music 31
    Steps  33
  IV. The Treatises and Other Material on the Technique of the Basse Danse  36
     1. The Treatise of B and T  36
     2. The Treatise of L  38
     3. The Treatise of J  39
     4. Gracia. From the section "La dança con sus invencioñs y letras"  41
     5. From the Reglas de danzar (MadA)  42
     6. Sir Thomas Elyot, from The Boke Named the Governour (E)  42
  V. The Dances  44
  Appendix A. Presumed Basse-danse Music  62
  Appendix B. Titles of Lost Dances  67
  VI. Notes  on the Dances  68
  VII. Dance Tunes Compared with their Sources  109
  VIII. The Basse Danse Art  114
  IX. Bibliography  118
  X Index of Titles of Basses Danses and Related Pieces  129



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