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Claude V. Palisca, GIROLAMO MEI, Letters on Ancient and Modern Music

MSD 3 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 3  Claude V. Palisca. GIROLAMO MEI (1519–1594), Letters on Ancient and Modern Music to Vicenzo Galilei and Giovanni Bardi. A Study with Annotated Texts.

        Revised edition.     1960
    25 cm     xi + 213 pp.

MSD 3   978-1-59551-242-0   $60.00

Preface to the Second Edition   IX
Preface to the First Edition   X
I.  Introduction   1
II.  History of the Correspondence   7
III.  The Life and Studies of Girolamo Mei   15
  1. Biography   18
  2. Mei's Writings on Music   34
  3. Mei's Rediscovery of Greek Theory: Its Influence on the Camerata   40
   a. Mei's View of the Greek Tonoi   47
   b. Mei's Discovery of the Tables of Alypius and the Hymns of Mesomedes   59
   c. The Problem of Tuning   63
IV.  Historical Significance of the Correspondence   75
V.  The Manuscript   82

Letters to Vincenzo Galilei and Giovanni Bardi in Vatican Ms Regiha lat 2021   87
Letter No 1, 8 May 1572 to Galilei   89
Letter No 2, 22 November 1577 to Galilei   122
Letter No 3, 17 January 1578 to Galilei   137
Fragment on the Greek Lyre   141
Undated Fragmentary Notes on the History of Greek Music   143
Letter No 4, 17 January 1578 to Bardi   148
Letter No 5, 15 May 1579 to Galilei   155
Letter No 6, September? 1581 to Galilei   165
Appendix I. Letter, Mei to Vettori, 21 February 1562   180
Appendix II. Letter, Mei to Pinelli, 19 May 1582   183
Manuscripts Cited   186
Bibliography   187
Girolamo Mei: Manuscripts of his Works and Letters   195
Printed Works   201
Addenda to the Second Edition   203
Index of Subjects Treated in Mei's Letters   213
Index locorum classicorum   216
Index of Names   218



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