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Egon Kenton, GIOVANNI GABRIELI, Life and Works.

MSD 16 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 16  Egon Kenton, GIOVANNI GABRIELI (1555–1612/1613), Life and Works.

        1st. ed.     1967
    28 cm     [viii] + 557 pp.

MSD 16   978-1-59551-253-6   $150.00

  A.  Venice and the Church of St. Mark from their Foundation to the 16th Century   9
  B.  Music In the Church of St. Mark   31
CHAPTER II: The Life of Giovanni Gabrieli   41
CHAPTER III: Gabrieli's Reputation Through the Ages   89
CHAPTER IV: Catalogues of Works   105
  Thematic Index   223
CHAPTER V: The Choral Works   255
CHAPTER VI: The Madrigals   371
CHAPTER VII: The Instrumental Works   437
  1. For Organ   439
  2. For Ensembles   466
CHAPTER VIII: Conclusions   525

  Works Consulted   539
  Index of Names   548
  Index of Subjects   555
  List of Plates   557



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