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Judith Cohen, The Six Anonymous L'Homme armé Masses

MSD 21 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 21  Judith Cohen, The Six Anonymous L'Homme armé Masses in Naples, Biblioteca Nazionale, MS VI E 40.

        1st. ed.     1968
    26 cm     80 pp.

MSD 21   978-1-59551-258-1   $23.00

Acknowledgements   7
Foreword   9
A. The Manuscript and its Contents   11
B. The L'Homme armé Chanson and its Function in the Masses   19
C. The Compositions   25
   I. The Cantus firmi   25
      1. The Division of the L'Homme armé Song   25
      2. The Structure of the Cantus firmi in the Masses   26
      3. The Constructive Function of the C.f.   30
   II. The Movements of the Masses   34
      1. Internal Division   34
      2. Motto Openings   35
      3. The Endings   36
   III. The Setting   37
      1. The Function of the Individual Parts   37
      2. The Grouping of the Parts   38
      3. Short Canons and Imitations   40
      4. Melodic Sequences   43
   IV. Melodic Structure   46
   V. Problems of Tonality   48
      1. Determination of Tonality   48
      2. The Cadences   52
      3. Harmony   55
   VI. The Relation between Words and Music   57
   VII. Concluding Remarks about Style   59
D. The Origin of the Masses and their Dating   62
Appendix: List of L'Homme armé Compositions   72
Bibliography   75
Abbreviations   80



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