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Andrew Hughes, Manuscript Accidentals: Ficta in Focus 1350-1450

MSD 27 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 27  Andrew Hughes, Manuscript Accidentals: Ficta in Focus 1350–1450.

        1st. ed.     1972
    26 cm     145 pp.

MSD 27   978-1-59551-264-2   $40.00

Preface   9
Terminology and Symbols   12
Introduction   13
  The Theoretical Background   16
  Ugolino: Declaratio Musice Discipline   21
  Ugolino: Translation   29
  Ugolino: Commentary   37

Manuscript Accidentals   40
  Symbols and Their Meaning   44
  Key-Signatures   51
  Key-Signature Cancellation   54
  Intermittent Signatures   56
  Latent Key-Signatures   57
  Position of Accidentals   58
  Preplaced Accidentals   59
  Retrospective Effect   69
  Continuation of Effect   69
  Cancelling Symbols   73
  Melodic Context   76
  The Contratenor   81
  Fundamental Voices   82
  Purposes for Manuscript Accidentals   88
  Rhythm and Text   100
Conclusion   102
  Practical Suggestions for Editors   102
  Rules for Editorial Accidentals   107
Appendix I: Analyses   111
Appendix II: Odd Key-Signatures, the Contratenor, Transposition, and Instrumental Participation   127
Appendix III: Old Hall Manuscript Accidentals   129
Bibliography   135
Index   137



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