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FRANCHINUS GAFFURIUS, De Harmonia musicorum instrumentorum opus

MSD 33 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 33  FRANCHINUS GAFFURIUS (1451–1522), De Harmonia musicorum instrumentorum opus.

Edited by Clement A. Miller.

        1st. ed.     1977
    27 cm     222 pp.

MSD 33   978-1-59551-270-3   $58.00

Title Page of the 1518 Edition Frontispiece
Introduction   11
Distich by Caesar Saccus of Lodi   26
Poem by Stefano Negri   26
Chapter Headings   27
Colloquy of Maurus Ugerius of Mantua and the Muses   31
Jean Grolier coat of arms   32
Book I   33
Letter of Dedication   33
Book II   77
Book III   155
Book IV   179
Poem by Lancinus Curtius   190
Poem by Gulielmus Le Signerre   214
Epigram by Pantaleon Meleguli   214
Poem by Franciscus Phylippineus   214
Bibliography   217
Index   220



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