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The Cypriot-French Repertory of the Manuscript Torino MS J.II.9

MSD 45 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 45  The Cypriot-French Repertory of the Manuscript Torino MS J.II.9, Report of the International Musicological Congress, Paphos 20–25 March, 1992.

Edited by Ursula Günther and Ludwig Finscher.

(See MSD 19 for a facsimile edition of the source.).
(See CMM 21 for an edition of the music).

        1st. ed.     1997
     xii + 545 pp.
Bound copy temporarily out of stock.
Unbound 8.5x11(A4) offprint available.

MSD 45–POD   $78.00

Ludwig Finscher, Preface   XI
Christophoros Christophides, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Cyprus, Opening Speech   1
Andreas Ataliotis, the Mayor of Paphos, Address of Welcome   3
Yiannis Katsouris, Summary of the Opening Speech   5
Ursula Günther, Welcoming Speech   7
Nicholas Coureas, "Cyprus under the Lusignans: Aspects of Evolution"   11
Panicos Giorgoudes, "The Basic Structure and Morphology of the Musical Tradition of Cyprus"   27
Andrew Wathey, "European Politics and Musical Culture at the Court of Cyprus"   33
Barbara Wiemes, "Historical Figures from Cyprus Mentioned in the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   55
Isabella Fragalà Data, "The Savoy Ducal Library in the 15th Century: Origin and Consistency"   77
Jean Widaman, Andrew Wathey, and Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, "The Structure and Copying of Torino J.II.9"   95
Maria Teresa Rosa- Barezzani, "The Notation of the Manuscript Torino J.II.9: A Journey through Rhythmic Problems and Melodic Fragments"   117
Karl Kügle, "The Repertory of Torino J.II.9, and the French Tradition of the 14th and Early 15th Centuries"   151
Francesco Luisi, "Some Observations on Musica Ficta in the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   183
Jehoash Hirshberg, "Machaut and the Cypriot Repertory: A Comparison of Hexachordal and Modal Structures"   203
Christian Berger, "Modality and Texture in the Chansons of the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   227
Giulio Cattin, "The Texts of the Offices of Sts. Hylarion and Anne in the Cypriot Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   249
Shai Burstyn, "Compositional Technique in the Mass Cycle of Manuscript Torino J.ll.9"   303
Francesco Facchin, "Some Remarks about the Polyphonic Mass Movements in the Manuscript Torino J.II.9 (Mass Movements and their Musical Background)"   327
Alberto Gallo, "Annominatio and Introitus: Parallelisms and Intermingling of Rhetorical Figures"   347
Margaret Bent, "Some Aspects of the Motets in the Cyprus Manuscript"   357
Agostino Ziino, "On the Poetic and Musical Form of Six Ballades of the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   377
Daniel Leech-Wilkinson, "The Cyprus Songs"   395
Leeman L. Perkins, "At the Intersection of Social History and Musical Style: The Rondeaux and Virelais of the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   433
Ursula Günther, "Some Polymetric Songs in the Manuscript Torino J.II.9"   463
Virginia Newes , "The Bitextual Ballade from the Manuscript Torino J.II.9 and its Models"   491
Bibliography   521



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