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Dorit Tanay, Noting Music, Marking Culture

MSD 46 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 46  Dorit Tanay, Noting Music, Marking Culture: The Intellectual Context of Rhythmic Notation 1250–1400.

        1st. ed.     1999
     viii + 302 pp.
Bound copy temporarily out of stock.
Unbound 8.5x11(A4) offprint available.

MSD 46–POD   $46.00

Abbreviations   vi
Acknowledgements   vii
Introduction   1
PART I: Ars Antiqua
1. Conflicts and Strategies of Conciliation   17
2 The Natural Foundation of Rhythmic Notation   48
PART II: Ars Nova
3. Rhythm Mathematized and Demystified   67
4. Musical Time and Time in General: The Challenge from Mathematics   102
5. Jacobus of Liège and William of Ockham: The Challenge from Logic   146
PART III: Ars Subtilior
6. The Horizon of God's Power and the Scope of Musical Innovation   185
7. Late-medieval Sophism: A New Context for the Ars subtilior   207
PART IV: The Early Prototype of Nascent Modernity
8. God, Man, Nature, and Music   249
Bibliography   277
Index   295



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