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Modality in the Music of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries

MSD 49 Cover

Contents and Sample Pages (PDF)

MSD 49  Modality in the Music of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries, Modalität in der Musik des 14. und 15. Jahrhunderts.

Edited by Ursula Günther, Ludwig Finscher, and Jeffrey Dean.

        1st. ed.     1997
     viii+ 320 pp.
Bound copy temporarily out of stock.
Unbound 8.5x11(A4) offprint available
MSD 49–POD    $48.00

1. Shai Burstyn, "The Modescape of Medieval Europe,"  1-10
2. Keith Falconer, "Consonance, Mode, and Theories of Musica Ficta,"  11-30
3. Virginia Newes, "Early Fourteenth-century Motets with Middle-voice Tenors,"  31-52
4. Jeoash Hirshberg, "The Exceptional as an Indicator of the Norm,"  53-64
5. Ursula Günther, "Calextone von Solage-ein ungewöhnliches Werk,"  65-74
6. Christian Berger, "Solages Ballade Calextone und die Grenzen des Tonsystems,"  75-92
7. Anna Maria Rosa-Barezzani, "Modale und tonale Kadenzen im weltlichen Repertoire von TuB,"  93-128
8. Barbara Haggh, "Mode in Late-medieval Planchant from Cambrai,"  129-48
9. Reinhard Strohm, "Modal Sounds as a Stylistic Tendency of the Mid-fifteenth Century,"  149-76
10. Leeman L. Perkins, "Modal Species and Mixtures in a Fifteenth-century Chanson Repertory,"  177-202
11. Jeffrey Dean, "Okeghem's Attitude Towards Modality,"  203-46
12. Jaap van Benthem, "'Erratic and Arbitrary' Harmonies in Ockeghem's Missa Caput?,"  247-58
13. Sean Gallagher, "Transposition and Mode in the Motets of Johannes Regis,"  259-86
14. "The Modal Character of Franco-Burgundian Dance Tunes,"  287-94



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